Commerce Custom Framing

Need a diploma framed?  How about an original piece of art?  Maybe a shadow box to house that keepsake.  We can frame it for you with the quality you deserve.  

Bring us your beloved item and let us preserve it for you in a way you can proudly display!  Our framer, V. C. Perry has the experience to make it a work of art.

"If it's worth keeping, it's worth framing!"

V. C. Perry

V. C. is Commerce's long time quality framer. With over 20 years of experience right here in our hometown, V. C. has exceptional framing skills that result in the highest quality you'll find anywhere. He is skilled in helping customers make design choices that result in a job that exceeds their expectations. Whether it's a priceless heirloom, a diploma, a print or an original work of art, V. C. will tell you, "If it's worth keeping, it's worth framing."